About Me

Hello! I’m Alby Foster, the explorer behind Toronto Journeys. I’m passionate about sharing the hidden gems and the diverse culture of this beautiful city that I call home Toronto.

I believe that every street and corner of Toronto has a story waiting to be discovered, and I’m on a mission to uncover and share these narratives. This city is an endless source of inspiration for me, with its historic neighborhoods, vibrant arts scene, stunning natural landscapes, and culinary delights. Whether I am meandering down a cobblestone laneway, exploring a new cafĂ©, or walking the trails of the many city parks, every day is a new adventure.

In this blog, I delve into the heart and soul of Toronto, showing you a side of the city that’s beyond the usual tourist trail. From the bustling downtown district to the tranquil suburbs, Toronto Journeys is a compilation of my explorations, discoveries, and experiences.

Join me as I navigate through Toronto’s rich heritage, diverse neighborhoods, and lively traditions. Together, we’ll discover a Toronto that’s as captivating and complex as the people who live here. So, strap on your explorer’s hat, and let’s set off on our next Toronto Journey!