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The food at these Toronto restaurants is the most delicious in 2024

Toronto is a lively place where you can taste foods from all around the world without leaving the city. Each restaurant here has its own special story, mixing old traditions with new twists. As someone who’s lived in Toronto for a long time, I see dining out here as more than just filling the belly—it’s a fun adventure!

You can enjoy fancy French dishes at Alo, or have some real Japanese sushi at Sushi Masaki Saito. Every restaurant is a new experience waiting for you. Here’s a list of ten great places where you can enjoy some amazing meals and have a taste of different cultures right here in Toronto.

10 Best Restaurants in Toronto

Best Restaurants in Toronto

Here’s a local’s take on the ten best restaurants that make Toronto a food lover’s paradise.


Alo is the epitome of high-end dining in Toronto, offering a sophisticated tasting menu that’s a veritable journey through modern French cuisine. Nestled atop a heritage building in downtown, the chic, minimalist decor allows the meticulously crafted dishes to shine. Reservations are a must, and are well worth the effort for a special occasion.

Bar Isabel

A warm, inviting ambiance with rustic decor, Bar Isabel offers an authentic Spanish dining experience. Known for its seafood and tapas, it’s a place where traditional dishes meet contemporary flair. The octopus is a must-try, tender and perfectly seasoned, it embodies the essence of Mediterranean flavors.


An ode to Italian heritage, Buca is a haven for pasta lovers. The artisanal pastas and pizzas are the stars of the menu, each dish telling a tale of regional Italian tradition. The ambiance is a blend of rustic and modern, making it a delightful spot for a cozy dinner.

Best Restaurants in Toronto


Dandylion is a testament to the bounties of nature, offering an eclectic menu that’s as nourishing as it is delicious. With a focus on locally-sourced, fresh ingredients, it’s a haven for vegetarians and anyone seeking a wholesome, flavorful meal. The minimalist decor creates a serene dining atmosphere.


A cozy, intimate spot, Edulis is all about celebrating the joys of good food and company. The European-inspired menu changes frequently, ensuring a new gastronomic experience with each visit. The Sunday lunch is a local favorite, embodying the laid-back, hearty essence of European dining.

Grey Gardens

In the heart of Kensington Market, Grey Gardens is a laid-back yet chic spot offering a delightful culinary experience. The eclectic menu is complemented by an extensive wine selection, making it a perfect spot for a leisurely dinner or a vibrant weekend brunch.

Jacobs & Co. Steakhouse

For those with a penchant for prime cuts, Jacobs & Co. Steakhouse is a meat lover’s dream. The extensive range of steaks, from local to international prime cuts, is a homage to quality and tradition. The elegant setting adds to the luxurious dining experience, making it a go-to spot for celebrating special occasions.


Kiin transports diners to Thailand with its rich, aromatic flavors and beautifully presented dishes. The Royal Thai platter is a feast for the senses, offering a taste of traditional Thai cuisine in a modern, elegant setting. It’s a little piece of Thailand in the heart of Toronto.

Piano Piano

A cheerful, family-friendly spot, Piano Piano serves playful, hearty Italian dishes that are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the palate. The whimsical decor creates a warm, inviting atmosphere, making it a delightful choice for a casual meal with loved ones.

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Sushi Masaki Saito

Offering a Michelin star dining experience, Sushi Masaki Saito is a temple for sushi aficionados. The Edomae-style sushi, crafted with precision and care, showcases the art of traditional sushi making. Though a splurge, it’s a culinary experience that’s worth every penny, making every bite a memorable one.

Bills For Four People Dining in Restaurants in Toronto

Here’s a price chart for four people at the mentioned restaurants.

RestaurantDining CategoryEstimated Price Range (CAD)
AloFine Dining$400 – $600
Bar IsabelMid-Range Dining$150 – $250
BucaMid-Range to Fine$200 – $400
DandylionCasual to Mid-Range$100 – $200
EdulisMid-Range to Fine$200 – $400
Grey GardensMid-Range Dining$150 – $250
Jacobs & Co. SteakhouseFine Dining$400 – $600
KiinMid-Range Dining$150 – $250
Piano PianoCasual to Mid-Range$100 – $200
Sushi Masaki SaitoFine Dining$800 – $1200

Note: These prices are rough estimates and may not reflect the actual costs at these restaurants. It’s advisable to check the latest menus or contact the restaurants directly for accurate pricing.


Toronto has lots of great places to eat, with food from all around the world. Each restaurant on this list is special in its own way. Whether you like fancy French dishes, tasty Italian food, or fresh sushi, you can find it all in Toronto. The prices are different in each place, but they all offer a wonderful meal that you’ll remember. So, grab some friends or family and enjoy a tasty adventure in Toronto!

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