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Best Sandwiches in Toronto in 2024

Hey there, sandwich lovers! Today, I’m excited to take you on a delicious journey through Toronto to discover the best sandwiches in the city. As a travel blogger, I’ve had the chance to taste some truly amazing sandwiches. From classic deli-style to gourmet creations, Toronto’s sandwich scene is bursting with flavors that will satisfy everyone. Whether you’re looking for a quick lunch, a hearty meal, or a unique sandwich experience, Toronto has it all. Let’s explore the top spots for the best sandwiches in Toronto!

Deli Sandwiches

Toronto is home to some fantastic delis that serve up classic sandwiches. Think thick slices of pastrami, fresh rye bread, and tangy mustard. These delis often have a long history in the city and are loved by locals and visitors alike.

Top 5 Deli Sandwiches in Toronto

  1. Schwartz’s Deli: Famous for its smoked meat sandwich.
  2. Katz’s Deli and Corned Beef Emporium: Known for its corned beef and pastrami.
  3. Gold Standard: A must-visit for their unique breakfast sandwich.
  4. Centre Street Deli: Offers traditional Jewish deli sandwiches.
  5. Pancer’s Original Deli: Renowned for its classic deli fare.
Best sandwiches in toronto

Gourmet Sandwiches

For those who love a more upscale sandwich, Toronto’s gourmet sandwich shops are a dream come true. These places take sandwiches to the next level with high-quality ingredients, creative combinations, and beautiful presentation.

Key Points:

  • Ingredients: Look for fresh, high-quality ingredients.
  • Creativity: Gourmet sandwiches often feature unique and creative flavor combinations.
  • Presentation: These sandwiches are not just tasty but also visually appealing.

International Sandwiches

Toronto’s multicultural community brings a variety of international sandwiches to the table. From Italian paninis to Vietnamese banh mi, the city offers a world tour of sandwiches.

Vegetarian and Vegan Sandwiches

Health-conscious and plant-based eaters, rejoice! Toronto has a great selection of vegetarian and vegan sandwiches. These sandwiches are packed with flavor and nutritious ingredients, making them a hit with all types of eaters.

Budget-Friendly Sandwich Spots

You don’t have to spend a lot to enjoy a great sandwich in Toronto. There are many budget-friendly spots where you can grab a delicious and filling sandwich without breaking the bank.

Best Sandwiches in Toronto while traveling

My Personal Favorites

As a local travel blogger, I have a few favorite sandwich spots. One is a cozy café in the heart of downtown Toronto, where they serve an incredible grilled cheese sandwich. Another is a small shop in the east end of the city, known for its inventive and hearty sandwiches.


Toronto’s sandwich scene is as diverse and exciting as the city itself. From classic deli sandwiches to gourmet creations and international flavors, there’s a sandwich for every taste and occasion in Toronto. As a local travel blogger, I encourage you to explore these delicious options and find your favorite sandwich in the city.

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