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How to Plan a Trip to Toronto 2024

Planning a Trip to Toronto 2023

Are you planning a trip to Toronto in 2023? Not sure where to turn for trustworthy advice on your Toronto adventure? First-time navigation of Toronto’s vibrant streets can indeed feel like a fascinating maze, with countless treasures waiting to be discovered! That’s precisely why we’ve crafted this Toronto Voyage Guide just for you.

Late November in toronto

This Toronto Journey Blueprint is a comprehensive pathway through which we lead you on how to orchestrate your Toronto escapade, complete with a sprinkle of expert secrets. We trust this will be your north star in the grand adventure you’re about to embark on.

Toronto Trip Planner 2023 Content:

  1. Best Time to Visit Toronto
  2. Booking your Flight or Train Ticket to Toronto
  3. Travel Insurance
  4. Where to Stay in Toronto
  5. Accommodation in Toronto
  6. How to Get from Toronto Airport to City
  7. The Cheat Sheet for Your Toronto Plan
  8. Toronto Itinerary Planner
  9. What to Eat & Drink in Toronto
  10. Day Trips from Toronto
  11. Know Before You Go

Are you puzzling over how to plan a Toronto trip? There’s no one-size-fits-all method to craft your Toronto adventure, but if you adhere to this structured Toronto voyage guide, you’re sure to cover all the Essentials.

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1. Best time to Visit Toronto

When is the best time to travel to Toronto? ‘Toronto is ever enchanting,’ and there’s truly no unsuitable time to visit. The city boasts stunning parks and captivating avenues that are a joy to wander under the embrace of sunshine. Plus, it houses some of the globe’s top museums and a multitude of engaging indoor attractions for when the weather decides to be a little less cooperative.

TIP: Overall, the best time to go to Toronto ranges from the blossoming springs of May right through to the golden hues of October, with a special nod to December, when the city transforms into a winter wonderland for the holiday season.

Seasons in Toronto

Wondering What is the best season to visit Toronto? The illustration below mirrors Toronto’s climate all year round, showcasing average temperatures (in Celsius) and regular rainfall (%).

>> Spring unveils Toronto in a spectacular fashion. Expect clear azure skies, parks bursting with new life, and buzzing café patios. Toronto is known for its delightful cherry blossoms (don’t miss our favourite cherry blossom hotspots in Toronto), typically blooming in March and April.

Do note that temperatures are still on the cooler side (lows of 4°C to 10°C), coupled with frequent rain showers. So, don’t forget to tuck an umbrella and a light jacket into your Toronto day bag!

Spring Months in Toronto

April In Toronto

May In Toronto

>>Summer in Toronto brings about elongated days and comfortable temperatures (highs of 23°C to 25°C). The city is alive with a plethora of summer festivals and vibrant outdoor activities everywhere, making Toronto a must-visit summer hotspot in North America!

However, summer is also peak tourist season in Toronto, translating to more visitors, extended queues at major attractions, and a surge in prices.

Summer Months in Toronto

june in toronto

June In Toronto

july in toronto

July In Toronto

august in toronto

August In Toronto

september in toronto

September In Toronto

>>Autumn, we believe, is the most beautiful season for your initial Toronto encounter. The trees explode in a palette of warm hues, the temperatures remain agreeable (highs of 11°C to 21°C), and the tourist crowd significantly reduces. In recent years, we’ve enjoyed outdoor activities well into mid-November, blessed with bright, sunny days.

Autumn Months in Toronto

Mid september in toronto

Mid-September In Toronto

mid october in toronto

Mid-October In Toronto

>>Winter in Toronto isn’t always the top choice due to the weather (lows of 2°C to 7°C and merely 4 to 5 hours of daylight), with sunset times rather early. However, some people are drawn to Toronto during Christmas, entranced by the city’s twinkling lights, decorations, and exciting Christmas markets.

Toronto also turns into a romantic hotspot for Valentine’s Day in February, offering countless romantic activities to enjoy.

Winter Months in Toronto

Late November in toronto

Late November In Toronto

December in Toronto

December In Toronto

January in tORONTO

January In Toronto


February In Toronto

March in Toronto

March In Toronto

2. Booking your Flight or Train Ticket to Toronto

Booking your Flight or Train Ticket to Toronto

Flight Tickets to Toronto

Toronto is serviced by two major airports: Toronto Pearson International (YYZ), located in the city’s west end, and Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport (YTZ), situated on an island just off downtown Toronto.

If you’re journeying to Toronto from abroad, you’ll likely touch down at Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ). Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport (YTZ) mostly caters to flights within North America and certain European destinations.

Both airports are conveniently located and have excellent transit links to the city, so if you’re flying from within North America or Europe, feel free to choose whichever flight or airline suits you best. We slightly prefer Pearson International, but that’s purely personal.

Recently, we’ve taken a liking to booking our flights via Omio, a user-friendly search engine that includes all major forms of transport! It offers several handy filters – such as duration, number of layovers, and departure time – making researching and booking a breeze.

3. Where to Stay in Toronto

Organising a first-time trip to Toronto can be a bit daunting, particularly when it comes to deciding which neighbourhood suits your needs the best.

Toronto is composed of a multitude of diverse neighbourhoods, each with its unique character and appeal. From the bustling Financial District to the vibrant Kensington Market, each region offers its unique charm and distinct amenities. The administration of each area falls under the larger umbrella of the city government, led by the city mayor.

To get your bearings in Toronto, consider this: the heart of the city is Downtown Toronto, home to the city’s business hub, shopping, entertainment, and iconic landmarks. From here, neighbourhoods spread out in all directions, offering a variety of experiences. Check out our Toronto Neighbourhood Guide to learn more about the distinct flavours of Toronto’s areas.

Where should you stay in Toronto? The best neighbourhood for you heavily relies on the kind of trip you’re planning. We’ve got a few recommendations below for sightseeing, luxury, family, and first-time visits to Toronto.

4. Accommodation in Toronto

So, you’ve bagged your train or flight tickets for your Toronto adventure, and the countdown begins! From the previous section, you’ve got a good idea about where to nest in Toronto (your neighbourhood choice). The next rung on your Toronto trip ladder is to secure your lodging in Toronto.

Hotels and Hostels in Toronto

Hotels can offer more than just a place to recharge – they can be an integral part of your travel experience, and a city like Toronto has no shortage of unforgettable accommodations: your Toronto hotel can be just as memorable as your explorations!

For a quintessential Toronto experience, opt for a hotel with a stunning view of the CN Tower or, better yet, a room in one of Toronto’s opulent high-rise hotels. These accommodations offer more than just a place to stay – they provide a lavish, five-star Toronto experience!

Admittedly, these luxury establishments may not suit everyone’s budget. However, numerous quirky themed hotels in Toronto certainly know how to provide a memorable and vibrant stay without breaking the bank.

For budget-conscious travellers, we’ve curated a list of the best hostels in Toronto (featuring dorms and private rooms). Prepare to be pleasantly surprised by our affordable yet charming selections – but in a city as captivating as Toronto, anything less would be a disservice!

Furnished Apartments in Toronto

For an authentic local experience, contemplate renting an apartment in Toronto. This option offers a more homely vibe than a hotel or hostel, and you also have the advantage of preparing your own meals to save on expenses. Plus, some apartments even offer stunning views of the CN Tower!

If you’re leaning towards renting an apartment in Toronto, we suggest using Booking.com, which also caters to apartment rentals for travellers with fantastic service. With Booking.com, you can consolidate all your hotel and apartment reservations under one dashboard, and their customer service is top-notch.

Discover the Best Apartments in Toronto with Booking.com

Lodging in Toronto: Our Nuggets of Wisdom for your Toronto Planning

Book early to secure the best selection and rates.

Avoid Toronto’s most famous areas if you’re travelling on a shoestring budget.

Please have a look at our Hotel Recommendations in our articles by Toronto Neighbourhood.

5. How to Get from Toronto Airport to City

Unless you’re already in North America, chances are you’ll be flying into Toronto. Currently, a host of airlines service Toronto, so you can jet into this bustling Canadian city from virtually any corner of the globe!

Toronto is primarily served by Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ). Your options to reach the heart of the city depend on which mode of transport you prefer.

6. Toronto Itinerary Planner


If you’re planning your first-ever trip to Toronto and are in need of some inspiration for your travel schedule, these Toronto itineraries ranging from a single day to an entire week will be quite handy.

One Day in Toronto Itinerary
Two Days in Toronto Itinerary
Three Days in Toronto Itinerary
Four Days in Toronto Itinerary
Five Days in Toronto Itinerary
Six Days in Toronto Itinerary
One Week in Toronto Itinerary

Layover in Toronto

If your journey involves a layover in Toronto, you can take advantage of the opportunity to catch a glimpse of what the city has to offer before boarding your next flight.

If you’re yearning to see the iconic CN Tower, a quick trip from the airport to the city centre can help you check this attraction off your bucket list. Head here for the best ways to travel from Pearson International Airport to the CN Tower.

With a lengthy layover in Toronto, you might want to consider a brief itinerary to visit some of Toronto’s prime landmarks. Check out how to make the most of a layover in Toronto, complete with suggestions for short itineraries and our best insider tips.

7. What to Eat & Drink in Toronto

When you venture to Toronto, dive into the city’s culinary scene and discover the best things to eat in Toronto. Sampling the local cuisine is a great way to immerse yourself in the culture. We’ve selected our top food-related articles for this Toronto Trip Planner 2023.

Toronto Food Guide
Canadian Wine Guide
Iconic Foods to Try in Toronto
Best Bistros in Toronto
Best Budget-Friendly Eats in Toronto
Best Toronto Pastries (local favourites and specialities!)
Best Desserts in Toronto

If you’re searching for restaurant recommendations, this blog also features a list of the top restaurants in Toronto by neighbourhood.

8. Day Trips from Toronto

If you have a spare day or two, don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore beyond Toronto. Check out our comprehensive list of the best day trips from Toronto, which includes historic cities, waterfront towns, world heritage sites, and adventures in the stunning Canadian countryside.

Niagara Falls is the most popular day trip from Toronto. A landmark not only of Canada but of the world, the awe-inspiring power and beauty of the Falls is a sight to behold. Not to mention the Niagara wine region, which is worth a visit for a delightful wine tasting experience. Read our Quick Guide to Niagara Falls to make the most out of this amazing place.

For a more local experience, there are many charming small towns near Toronto that are easily reachable by train.

9. Planning a Toronto Trip: Know Before You Go

Toronto is one of the most visited cities in the world. In 2018, 15.29 million international tourists visited the city, mainly for sightseeing and shopping. Here’s how you can avoid long queues at Toronto’s main attractions.

The Toronto Subway, which is over 65 years old, is an essential part of the city’s transport network. The subway serves millions of people in Toronto. Learn how to navigate the Toronto Subway with our Toronto by Subway guide.

The Royal Ontario Museum is a world-renowned museum and a major landmark in Toronto. If you tried to see every exhibit, it would take you days! Learn how to make the most out of the Royal Ontario Museum in 2 hours or less.

Torontonians have a unique sense of style that’s laid-back, diverse, and trendy. Their wardrobe often reflects their lifestyle, and comfort plays a significant role. Check out our fashion tips for men and women on what to wear in Toronto to blend in with the locals.

Consider a Toronto City Pass

Lines to visit the main Toronto tourist attractions are common. If you are planning a trip to Toronto and you want to visit its popular sights, consider buying a Toronto City Pass.

The Toronto City Pass offers visitors direct access to Toronto’s top attractions and museums. The pass is available for 9 consecutive days starting with the first day of use. If you have a tight schedule in Toronto and don’t want to spend your time waiting in line, the Toronto City Pass is for you.

There are other interesting tourist passes for visiting Toronto; check out our Toronto Pass Comparison for the full list.

So there you have it, the Toronto Travel Planner with everything you need to know on how to plan a trip to Toronto in 2023. Go on reading this Toronto travel blog 2023 for more information, and to learn about the history and culture of Toronto.

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