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Visiting T&T Fairview Mall Toronto in 2024

Welcome to the newly opened T&T Supermarket at Fairview Mall in Toronto! This exciting addition to the city’s shopping scene brings a unique blend of Asian culture and cuisine right to your doorstep. As a local travel blogger, I’m thrilled to share my experience exploring this vibrant supermarket, which stands out for its vast selection of Asian groceries, specialty products, and a lively food hall.

Visiting T&T Fairview Mall Toronto

What to Expect at T&T Fairview Mall

The T&T Supermarket at Fairview Mall spans an impressive 36,000 square feet, offering a spacious and inviting shopping environment. Here, you’ll find a wide array of Asian groceries, from fresh produce to unique specialty items. The highlight is the bustling food hall area, where various street food options await to tantalize your taste buds. Plus, the supermarket provides convenient services and amenities, making your shopping experience smooth and enjoyable.

What to Expect at T&T Fairview Mall

Fresh Produce and Specialty Items

One of the standout features of T&T Fairview Mall is its abundant supply of fresh and exotic produce. You’ll discover a range of unique ingredients essential in Asian cuisine, along with exclusive offers and promotions. Whether you’re a seasoned cook or new to Asian flavors, there’s something for everyone.

Delightful Culinary Experiences

T&T Fairview Mall is not just a place to shop; it’s a destination for food lovers. The supermarket boasts a diverse range of authentic Asian flavors, from a hot food bar to popular street food options. Don’t miss out on the special food selections and local favorites that make this place a culinary haven.

Asian Shopping Experience

Beyond groceries, T&T Fairview Mall offers a curated selection of other Asian retailers and products. You’ll find distinct sections and departments within the store, providing a convenient one-stop shopping experience for all your Asian culinary needs.

Asian Shopping Experience

Engagement and Community

T&T Supermarket is deeply engaged with the community, hosting various events and promotions. The supermarket encourages customers to share their experiences and actively participates in the life of the surrounding community.


T&T Fairview Mall is more than just a supermarket; it’s a vibrant hub of Asian culture and cuisine. With its unique offerings and delightful experiences, it’s a must-visit destination for anyone in Toronto. I highly recommend exploring this exciting addition to the city’s shopping landscape.

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