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What to Pack for Toronto in December 2024

December in Toronto is a magical time. The city is adorned with twinkling lights, festive decorations, and a palpable sense of holiday cheer. But along with the festive spirit comes the onset of winter, and that means cold temperatures, snow, and icy conditions. As a local, I’ve experienced many Toronto Decembers and have a few tips on what to pack to ensure you’re warm, comfortable, and ready to enjoy everything the city has to offer during this enchanting month.

What to Pack for Toronto in December

Toronto December Packing List

Layer Up! Toronto’s December weather can be unpredictable. Some days might be mild, while others can be bitterly cold. The key is to layer your clothing. Start with a base layer, like a thermal or light wool top, which helps regulate body temperature. Over that, add a sweater or fleece, and top it off with a thick, warm coat.

Essential Outerwear A good quality winter coat is a must. Preferably, choose one that’s waterproof and insulated. Snow is common in December, and you’ll want to stay dry. Don’t forget a warm hat, gloves, and a scarf. These accessories make a significant difference in keeping you warm, especially when the wind picks up.

Footwear Your feet need special attention during Toronto’s winter. Waterproof boots with a soft rubber tread are essential. The soft rubber ensures flexibility in cold temperatures, and the tread helps prevent slipping on icy sidewalks.

Essential Packing Tips for Toronto in November

Casual vs. Evening Wear For daytime exploring, jeans paired with warm layers work great. If you’re planning on dining out or attending a special event, pack some dressier options. But remember, even upscale Toronto restaurants tend to have a relaxed dress code, so there’s no need for ultra-formal attire.

Accessorize Smartly A few well-chosen accessories can elevate your outfit and provide added warmth. Consider packing a versatile pashmina or shawl. Not only can it add a pop of color to your outfit, but it can also serve as an extra layer against the cold. Sunglasses are also a good idea, especially after a fresh snowfall when the sun’s reflection can be quite bright.

Packing Tips for Men For men, a combination of casual shirts, sweaters, and a good quality winter jacket should suffice. If you’re planning on attending any formal events, a nice shirt and trousers are recommended. And don’t forget comfortable and warm footwear!

Weather in Toronto in December

Average High-1°C (30°F)
Average Low-6°C (21°F)
Precipitation60mm (2.4 inches)
Snowy Days12 days
Daylight HoursApproximately 8.5 hours
SunriseAround 7:45 AM
SunsetAround 4:30 PM

Note: The above data is based on historical averages and might vary slightly from year to year. Always check a reliable weather source closer to your travel dates.

Best Places to Visit in Toronto in December

December in Toronto is a time of festive cheer, sparkling lights, and winter activities. The city transforms into a winter wonderland, offering locals and visitors alike a plethora of attractions and events to enjoy. Here are some of the best places to visit in Toronto during December:

Toronto December Packing List
  1. Nathan Phillips Square: Home to Toronto’s official Christmas tree and a bustling outdoor ice-skating rink, Nathan Phillips Square is a hub of festive activity. The square is beautifully illuminated, and the “Holiday Fair in the Square” offers artisan crafts, food vendors, and carnival rides.
  2. Toronto Christmas Market: Located in the historic Distillery District, this European-style Christmas market is a must-visit. With its twinkling lights, wooden vendor booths, and a massive Christmas tree, it’s a picture-perfect spot to get into the holiday spirit.
  3. High Park: While High Park is beautiful year-round, it takes on a serene beauty in December when snow blankets its grounds. It’s a great place for a winter walk or even some tobogganing if there’s enough snow.
  4. Harbourfront Centre: This lakeside venue offers winter activities like ice skating on the Natrel Rink, with views of Lake Ontario and the Toronto Islands. They often have DJ nights and other special events during December.
  5. Royal Ontario Museum (ROM): December is a great time to explore the ROM, especially with their holiday-themed events and workshops. Plus, it’s a warm escape from the chilly outdoors!
  6. Casa Loma: Toronto’s majestic castle gets a festive makeover in December. With its “A Nutcracker Christmas at the Castle” event, visitors can enjoy performances, carolers, and a holiday market.
  7. Bloor-Yorkville: This upscale neighborhood is beautifully decorated during the holiday season. Wander around to admire the window displays, lights, and even take part in the “Holiday Magic” event.
  8. Toronto Islands: For a quieter experience, take a ferry to the Toronto Islands. The views of the city skyline blanketed in snow are breathtaking. While many amenities are closed, the peaceful winter landscape is worth the trip.
  9. Aga Khan Museum: This museum, dedicated to Islamic art, offers special holiday events and workshops in December. The architecture of the museum itself, combined with its serene reflecting pools, is a sight to behold in the snow.
  10. St. Lawrence Market: One of the world’s great markets, each merchant is an expert in their field, and they are always available to share their knowledge. In December, the market is filled with holiday treats, decorations, and unique gifts.

Conclusion for packing in December for Toronto

Tips from travlers what to pack for Toronto in December

Packing for Toronto in December is all about being prepared for the cold and embracing the winter wonderland vibe. With the right clothing and a sense of adventure, you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience in this vibrant city during one of its most festive months. So, bundle up, enjoy the snow-covered streets, and immerse yourself in Toronto’s December magic.

Toronto in December is a blend of festive events, beautiful decorations, and winter activities. Whether you’re looking to embrace the cold with outdoor activities, explore festive markets, or simply enjoy the city’s attractions in a quieter setting, Toronto has something for everyone during this magical month.

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